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Rhythm recording studios is well-known for its consistent and trusts worthy services in sound recording field for last 25 years. Rhythm recordings studio is owned and managed by Mr. Chendrashekhar Yelarpurkar, who himself is an experience recordist. Rhythm has executed countless best recording jobs since the era of analog recording till today’s, that is in the era of sound recording with the help of advanced digital technology. Rhythm recording studio executes the recording jobs with the help of advanced and well-known software such as Nuendo and Logic Pro X. Most of the famous performing artist likes singers, instrument player often visits Rhythm. Let it be election or famous ganesh festival, while executing extra ordinary recordings artwork , Rhythm has always successive in developing relationship with artists, political people, society and common man as well.

Rhythm has always believed in one principal which is “Treat your customer as God” as result of which one who get associated with rhythm is always satisfied and comes to Rhythm again and again for other works. The ability to develop such trustworthy and healthy relations has always been extra ordinary phenomena of Rhythm. Rhythm has successfully executed the jobs relating to feather films, Radio jingles, Radio spots, photography, video shooting, dubbing, short film and audio video albums. Rhythm recording studio has been catering to constant flow of recording jobs like audio cds for elections and Ganesh festival, editing and composing for corporate films etc. While managing to build such trustworthy culture owner of Rhythm Mr.Chendrashekhar alias Lala Yelarpurkar have been always aware of the ever changing footprint of technology , and to cope up with it. He has started with Recording and Editing courses at Rhythm which is an appreciable initiative. Let it be any job related to audio or video , Rhythm is always ready to welcome its produce customers.

Excellent and Quality work done in schedule time.